Glasses, Glasses, Glasses

I started writing a post about glasses a while ago and then abandoned it in my drafts section most likely because I found something else to write about. Well here I am picking it up again and majorly editing it. The time has come that our little Nash has finally received his first pair of glasses. I am not going to lie he looks pretty adorable, that kid is just too cute for me.

It feels like we have had to wait a long time for these glasses. I am flooded with pictures of babies wearing their glasses in my Facebook feed. I kept thinking why are we still waiting? And why does this kid have glasses before Nash? In the end we just had to put our faith in our Ophthalmologist that she knew what she was doing, she is the expert after all.

After our last ophthalmologist appointment we discovered that Nash’s eye glasses prescription was negative 5 and that we could get glasses for him. Now I am negative 4.5, very near-sighted but not as bad as some people I know. If I don’t have my glasses sitting next to me when I take off my contact lenses I can spend the rest of my evening feeling my way around the house to try to find them. I am amazed at how Nash does it, how he gets around, finds things, sees people. I realize until now he never knew the difference so there was no comparison, but still it is incredible.

Today will be day 3 of wearing glasses and so far so good, every now and then he pulls them off but not as much as I had anticipated. I will say this though, I was expecting some big “ah ha” moment from him. That moment never came, I tried to take a shoddy video of him with them on but it didn’t turn out so well and really it wasn’t worth sharing. Nash just looked at me said “mama” and continued on being the little bulldozer that he is. I had anticipated too much, probably from watching too many of those cute videos of babies with albinism trying their glasses on for the first time. Here is such an example, it was just too sweet not to share: Baby’s first pair of glasses.

I have seen some debate recently about whether glasses really help infants with Albinism in those early years. Is it more of a hinderance at this age when a child just wants to rip their glasses off their face? Or does it really help them see better? Until Nash can talk and communicate fully I guess we will never really know how those glasses are working for him, we just hope they make this beautiful world a little clearer.

(The image above is black & white of Nash sitting in his booster seat, wearing his new glasses whilst staring at the camera).


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