Living with Albinism

The boys and I made it back from the land of cream teas and hedgerows. I think I can say that we had a blast, thanks Nana! Nash did so well navigating new and unknown territories and I think we all enjoyed the 50 degree temperatures as oppose to the 90 degrees we had left behind.

This morning I was clearing out my inbox and I came across this video Living with Albinism about 2 boys with albinism living in America. It gives a little peak into their lives and how they cope with their vision impairment. It also sums up what most parents feel when faced with the diagnosis of albinism. Incase you haven’t understood all my ramblings about Albinism this video pretty much sums it up.

Featured image – Nash in a blue jacket and Jack in a grey sweater in the foreground playing on the beach with the sea and sun setting in the background.


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