Election Day


It is election day today, it is the day you get to voice your opinions about those in power and choose a candidate who speaks to you.

Many people my age or younger are abstaining from voting as they don’t like the candidates or they don’t think it will make a difference.  I looked at many articles trying to find out why voting is important besides the obvious. Some talked about self-interest being the only purpose, that the most important part of voting was that your friends and family could see you voting. Others said that one vote doesn’t make a difference, forever the idealist I refuse to believe that we as individuals cannot make a difference. I did find this article from the Huffington Post that sums up 7 reasons you should vote. The most powerful point for me is point six “Voting is a right generation of Americans struggled to win ― and people in other countries are still fighting for.” I, unfortunately, do not get to vote, I am just a lowly green card holder.

This election has me seriously debating whether to go through with the process of gaining citizenship. I had been considering citizenship for a while as I want all the members of my family to have at least one country we are all citizens of, traveling is a pain in the ass with multiple passport holders. I am torn though, I am of mixed race with half my family living in Asia, that half are Muslim. There are many things I love about America but the animosity to other religions and cultures right now is not one of them.  Ideally one day soon I would like my mum to come here permanently to be closer to her grandkids and yet I can’t help wondering what this country will look like then.

I will be sitting on the edge of my seat hoping that the people of this country chose love not hate.

One thought on “Election Day

  1. Steve Campbell says:

    I am sorry this is the first presidential campaign season you have gone through here as opposed to viewing the events from Europe. I do not know what this election cycle says about the US. The jury, as they say, is still out. It has been the most divisive election in my lifetime, and the nastiest. Has brought out serious craziness from people on all sides of issues. We will see… Love to you and your mother from all the American citizens of your Sherman family.

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