Something to be thankful for

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, this holiday doesn’t hold much meaning to me being a Brit by birth. I do however enjoy taking time out to be thankful, so despite my misgiving about celebrating this day, it is still a day that stands out. It is a day where I can intentionally take a breath, be aware and be grateful for all the love and family I have in my life.

I was talking to my brother on the long drive back from seeing a friend the other day, we talked politics, his life, my life, my kids, religion, economics, and probably many more topics.  One of the most important things we talked about was being the change you want to see. When I moved to Houston and into our neighborhood a position opened up on the HOA for a safety chair committee member. I gladly put myself up for it, firstly because I felt like people from my age group needed to be involved in our community and secondly I just wanted to help and get to know more people. People don’t end up where they end up by starting big, most people start small. So if this thanksgiving you feel discontent with the way the world is, look at your community, your neighbors, local organizations and see how you can help and how you can get involved.

I am so thankful for this wonderful community I live in, I know a large percentage of my neighbors, the kids in the neighborhood and the dogs for that matter. I have had a neighbor give away a piano to us, help jump-start my car, offer to watch my kids and organize a way for the neighborhood to participate in the Houston food bank drive, to name a few things. Just the other day a bunch of us were gathered spontaneously on the street with the kids. Nash was trying to catch up with the big kids and nearly face planted the steps several times (good old depth perception issues); however, he didn’t as there was always one of my neighbors ready to help me. For the first time in my adult life, I finally understand what community is about and I am incredibly thankful for that. This new-found knowledge couldn’t have found me at a better time.

Happy Thanksgiving fellow residents of America and for the non-residents well happy Thursday when it comes, your one day closer to the weekend.

(Featured image – Jack in red embracing Nash in Blue.)

4 thoughts on “Something to be thankful for

  1. Tracie P says:

    Aw, I can tell you unequivocally that I am SO incredibly grateful for your friendship. I am not quite sure where I would be floating around in Houston without the tether of our bond.


  2. Susan says:

    You girls make me want to cry a lot – tears of JOY. So glad you enjoy such a sweet friendship. Laura – I’m so proud of you and how you have not only adapted to life in the States, but have become such a wonderful part of your community. Giving thanks that Mr. Campbell found you and brought you into our family.

  3. Mariam Archer says:

    Once again lovely writing, I want to give thanks to your Papa for giving me you and your brother, and you and The handsome Texan you married and giving me 2 most beautiful little angels. Thank you for being the most rewarding part of my life and with the blessing of Allah I will enjoy many more with the next generation, and thank you to the Campbell’s and Boling’s for welcoming my baby to your fold. Love ya”ll Ps that include the beautiful T.P and family.👍😘😘

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