Happy New Year

Happy New Year folks 2017 is finally here, hurrah!

I hate to wish away the days or years but as a parent I find myself doing that. Really I just count down the hours until bedtime. I know in 18 years I’ll regret it once the kids are all grown and I can’t get back the time I lost. For me and I am sure for most 2016 was a long wacky year. Personally, the year was a little crazy for me and on a non-personal level, I felt like the world went a little bit crazy. I won’t provide a list of all the events of the past year that felt a little wrong, January can be pretty depressing anyway depending on what hemisphere you live (lack of sunlight is a real problem). Luckily January and February are my favorite months here in Houston, it is just about the only time it is cold out.

I leave you with this Chinese proverb quote “When the wind of change blows, some people build walls and others build windmills”. I am going to spend 2017 flying kites with my kids and building windmills. I hope you join me, the flying kites is optional!

Featured image – 3 kids in the foreground running around flying an orange squid kite at the park.


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Tracie P says:

    I love this positive outlook! I need the reminder. And yes it’s hard not to wish away the hours until bedtime. Must we always find something to feel guilty about?!

    I love that photo. Love it.

  2. Steve Campbell says:

    First, this comment is not about guilt. But looking at things from a farther down the road perspective treasure each moment while looking forward to bed time. Love you guys bunches.

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