‘Merica behold the splendor.

A lot has happened since New Year and today January 20th, 2017. Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America, for half of the population living here, I am sure this was a huge celebration. If you are like me I am frightened, not necessarily frightened of our new president but of how his victory has uncovered this deep divide in the country.

I am still stumbling through the dark trying to figure out how this country works, between talking with friends, my husband, reading news articles and entering silly searches such as “how does the American Government work” into Google I think I am making headway. I need to learn more so I can figure out how to make a difference and where to put my efforts. I am against privatization of our schools, dialing back the clock on women’s reproductive rights, guns in every part of our lives, racial or religious discrimination, and I am definitely against building walls. I actually feel like I have been transported into V for Vendetta where it becomes apparent the British Government used ‘terror attacks’ or in this case the fear of terror to control the masses and implement laws that take away basic freedoms. I have watched far too many movies but anythings possible!

On the few vacations we took here before our move my husband would say something like “‘Merica behold the splendor” they may not be his exact words but something to that effect. It always made me chuckle, America is full of splendor yet I can’t help thinking that we are all getting it wrong. It is clear that this divide has been here a while simmering beneath the surface it just took a man like Donald Trump to bring it boiling over. Didn’t Jesus say something about loving your neighbor as yourself. I know I shouldn’t quote Jesus when I myself are not religious but he has a point. Approximately 75% of America claim to be Christian yet I don’t see a lot of love going on. And even if you aren’t I believe those are words to live by.

It would be futile to try to convince people that Mexicans aren’t stealing American jobs, Muslims aren’t terrorists, reproductive rights for women are a good thing, public schools should be a priority, the threat of terrorism isn’t as great as the threat guns pose to you and your children, healthcare should be for all people and that at the end of the day we are all the same. What I will do though is march and peacefully protest, I will continue to educate myself and stay informed from the right sources, I will call my senator and state reps and turn up to their offices and let them know that I do not agree, and most importantly I will teach my children how to love their neighbor. I will teach those boys that all though equality for all may not be something we will achieve in this lifetime we are all equal. They will learn kindness, tolerance, love and they will definitely learn more about how this country works so that when their turn comes they know what to do.

Featured image – people holding up signs whilst walking around the Texas State Capitol building in Austin, TX.

One thought on “‘Merica behold the splendor.

  1. Steve Campbell says:

    Nice job!! Some day soon we need to talk about spiritual things – not really religion. Love you – keep it up. The writing, the thinking, the investigating, the teaching boys, the speaking out. Carry on…

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