Nystagmus Network

A short and sweet post to share this gem of a booklet produced by the Nystagmus Network: nystagmus-booklet-for-teachers-january-2017.  The Nystagmus Network is committed to distributing information about nystagmus, supporting the research into a potential treatment and raising awareness of the condition. I have learned more about Nystagmus in the past few months since I connected with this organization than I thought possible. The release of this booklet couldn’t have come at a better time for us considering we made the decision to start Nash at a preschool in the summer. The booklet will be a great resource for the teachers at his school who know little or nothing about Nystagmus. It can be really hard to explain to people just what is going on with Nash’s vision and what difficulties it can cause. If you’re a teacher, take the time to read it and if you are not well it is a pretty interesting read if you want to learn more about this type of visual impairment.

Have a happy Friday!

Featured image – Black and white image of Nash sitting at a table, sleeves rolled up, using his right hand to hide his face away from the camera.

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