Alexa, the newest lady to join Malaville

I emailed a lady called Mala Bryan a while back asking if she was indeed going to make a doll that resembled a person with albinism (this was back in March) and she said she had an 18-inch doll in the works. Well, she did it, she created Alexa. Alexa was designed to “help create awareness for people with albinism”.

Mala stated in an article written by the Huffington Post “I hope that parents are able to teach their children the truth about albinism and maybe some of them can also learn new things about persons with albinism themselves,” she said. “Teaching children from an early age will help change the views of a new generation for the better; they will then treat people with albinism as equals.”

One of the biggest complaints I have heard from parents in albinism social groups is that there are no dolls out there that really represent their daughter or sons.  I would say that the proportions of the dolls are still similar to the unrealistic sizes of Barbie. However, I think this doll and all her dolls are a step in the right direction for a truer representation of real people.

Unfortunately, Alexa is not up on the website even though she is supposed to be for sale so I am not sure how one purchases her at this moment.

Featured image – my representation of Alexa doll because I generally try to not use photographs that are not my own (try not to laugh).


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