“The Future’s Bright the Futures Orange.”

The above campaign slogan was used in the United Kingdom for the phone company Orange. It won’t mean a thing if you are reading this and you are from the US. I felt like this slogan was blasted on the TV/radio for years and after not hearing it in a long time as my family and I drove back from Lubbock, Texas after Thanksgiving this slogan just popped into my head.

We were rocking it in our new minivan – oh yes – we are now proud minivan owners. Got the mortgage check, the two kids check, the dog check and now that we have the minivan our lives are complete! If I could throw in a laughing/crying emoji face at the end of that sentence I would. After much deliberation on what car we needed for our family, we settled on the minivan. I would describe it as the coolest uncool car, it is the car you thought you never wanted but always needed. My favouriteĀ thing about the car is the cruise control function. It has lane assist to stop you swerving in and out of lanes, it breaks for you and allows you to maintain a certain distance from the car in front, it drives around curves and the full beam light comes on and off automatically.

On the 10 hour drive to Lubbock my husband was raving about it truthfully I thought he was slightly exaggerating the amazingness of it all. As night drew in and I took over some of the driving I opted not to use cruise control, I was already tired and thought to give the car more control just might make me fall asleep. On the drive home, however, I decided to give it a whirl… that is when the slogan “The Future’s Bright, the Future’s Orange” kept swirling around my head.

I was blown away by the lane assist, the control of distance from the car in front, the notification of cars passing by in your blind spot. I started to think about Nash and the real possibility of him driving in the future. I didn’t get my drivers license until well into my 20’s and I didn’t really drive a car properly till I was 26 but it was liberating having that license whether or not I was using it. Who knows maybe his vision will be just good enough so that he can get his drivers license, whatever happens, I am hopeful that in 14 years time technology will have come so far.

The future is bright if not at all Orange.

Featured Image – Nash in his blue down jacket with an orange helmet mastering one thing at a time.

3 thoughts on ““The Future’s Bright the Futures Orange.”

  1. tracie p says:

    MINIVAN CONVERT. ha! and by the time our kids are old enough to drive, let’s hope self driving cars are fully operational and the norm.

  2. Susan says:

    We both have sons that we hope will benefit from visual technology in the future. And both of their futures are bright!

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