Breaking Myths

This morning as I was breaking one of my two New Year resolutions, to be on my phone less around my children, the second is yelling (broke that one probably the second day of the new year) – I came across an interesting video titled Breaking Myths about albinism.

Here was a simple way I could share with my six-year-old without low vision what it means to have albinism through the first-hand experience of people with albinism. The video includes an aspiring artist, a chef, a lady who loves to climb and ski amongst others.

Over the past two years, we would have conversations with my six-year-old about Nash’s vision. Yet we would still encounter issues when the two were reading a book or watching tv. We had to remind his big brother for a long time that Nash standing two inches from the giant tv was not a malicious action designed to irritate him it literally is just where he needs to be to see the tv no matter the size.

Being a person who learns best through visual and auditory input videos are the best way for me to digest information and I hope that my oldest child has learned something from this video in a way he could not from me. If you want to learn more click on the video title and watch away.

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