From Harry Potter to Elton John

Those are the words my mother used to describe my sons new glasses. It made me laugh being a Harry Potter fan and having just watched the musical Rocketman. One of my favorite movies I watched this year. It’s better than random strangers coming up to me and telling me my child looks like that kid from Stuart Little I mean yes but no.

So when do you let your children become their own style master? For us its now, I mean he may not always dress himself however much I wish he would but since he has an opinion and he will be wearing the glasses and not me I let him choose his first pair. The only thing I did was give him two style choices with a choice of what felt like a million colors okay maybe not a million but the frames come in so many colors. And the winner was well you can see in the picture. Bold, bold and bold is how I would describe them and if you can’t be bold and bright when you are four when can you be.

2 thoughts on “From Harry Potter to Elton John

  1. Mariam Archer says:

    That’s my boy, one should always stand out and said here I am!! Great choice Nash!
    Can’t wait to be your playmate for the whole month!!!

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