International Albinism Awareness Day 2018

When I think of albinism I think of strength, beauty and perseverance. Today is the day we celebrate the Human Rights of people with Albinism everywhere. In 2014, the United Nations’ General Assembly adopted a resolution establishing June 13th as International Albinism Awareness Day. Awareness of human rights situations of persons with albinism remains fairly limited. After attending a … Continue reading International Albinism Awareness Day 2018

“The Future’s Bright the Futures Orange.”

The above campaign slogan was used in the United Kingdom for the phone company Orange. It won't mean a thing if you are reading this and you are from the US. I felt like this slogan was blasted on the TV/radio for years and after not hearing it in a long time as my family … Continue reading “The Future’s Bright the Futures Orange.”

Profound statements by little beings.

Looking back seven or eight months ago I was concerned Nash was having issues with his speech. This was not some insecurity born from my own crazed anxieties but from an Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) evaluation, we had just completed. During these evaluations a speech therapist must always be present, she/he will carry out multiple … Continue reading Profound statements by little beings.