Nystagmus Network

A short and sweet post to share this gem of a booklet produced by the Nystagmus Network: nystagmus-booklet-for-teachers-january-2017.  The Nystagmus Network is committed to distributing information about nystagmus, supporting the research into a potential treatment and raising awareness of the condition. I have learned more about Nystagmus in the past few months since I connected with this organization than … Continue reading Nystagmus Network

Game therapy helping the visually impaired

Game therapy helping one albinism kid at a time, okay I don't actually know that but this video from Extra Credits on YouTube called Because Games Matter is pretty interesting. It is about a girl with Ocular Albinism who was encouraged by her ophthalmologist to play more video games. Game therapy over time helped her brain make … Continue reading Game therapy helping the visually impaired