Kid’s Day

My eldest son Jack asked me yesterday “When is kids day?” I said, “Kids day? It is kids day every day”. He laughed which made me think that he knew this already. As you know or may not know it was American Mother’s Day yesterday and I had been playing the it’s Mother’s Day today so mummy gets her own way card. I think he was fed up and wondered when he would get his own day. As much as I found his question hysterical, kids day as if there would be such a day, I did start thinking about how grateful I am for these little beings in my life. With the good there is the bad let’s not pretend there isn’t. Parenthood is hard and this hardship is kept a big secret by all the other parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents because nobody would ever procreate if they really knew what it takes to be a parent. But the good is so good, being a parent is beautiful, magical, breathtaking, it is all the things you never thought you needed in life but now have. I am not about to start advocating for “kids day” however, I will take a pause every now and then and think about how grateful I am to those little monkeys for giving me the gift of being their mother.

Featured image – Black and white image of Nash on the left and Jack on the right jumping in a giant puddle.


3 thoughts on “Kid’s Day

  1. Steve says:

    Happy American Mothers day to you. A wonderful formula I learned the hard way: time +tragedy = humor. Love to you guys

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